USPS Processor Response

May 27, 2018

A thrilling development has happened at The Habitorium. A Processor at a Central Phoenix USPS facility has responded to the research project.



You have a new message:


Message Details:


Name: XXXX 


Subject Your art

Message: I work at the lost (sic) office and found a correspondence you had with someone. Really love the art! Keep it up

Sent on: 17 May, 2018




HABITORIUM:  hello, i am so happy to get your message.
it makes my day to know you think i should keep making my art.
at the moment, i'm inbetween homes, and moving the habitorium with me... so my studio is in a box at the moment. would you consider sending me your mailing address? i'd like to mail you a painting, once i get settled in my new place. 
also... can you tell me where is the lost office?

i am utterly intrigued. 

thank you again for your interest in the habitorium, i hope to hear from you soon.





PROCESSOR: Hey! Sorry it took me a while to get back to you. Good luck with the move. I love the idea of the Habitorium. Having a obligation to others and a vested interest in you creating positive momentums in your endeavors works wonders when it comes to motivation.


I work at the postal processing facility here in Phoenix Arizona, which is where I assume you are located roughly. I would love to be in correspondence and would be thrilled if you sent me some of your work.


I am located at 




HABITORIUM:  Hello again. Wow. I am so excited about your reading of how the habitorium works. Would you mind if I write about and copy/paste from our emails on the findings page?

I will write you again when I am at my computer.




PROCESSOR:  By all means, I am glad to be a source of inspiration, a talking point, or what ever other catalytic force I can be.


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