Survey of a Johnstown Habitus

Conducted at VoMA during the Cambria City Ethnic Festival

August 31 - September 2

Identify your current relationship to Johnstown (feel free to choose more than one).

___ Lifetime Resident

___ Generation Johnstownian? 2 3 4 5 6 7

___ Frequent Visitor (5 or more visits a year)

___ Infrequent Visitor (less than 5 visits a year)

___ Returned Resident * (you returned to live here after at least 10 years away)

___ Relative of Resident, Who?

___ I Grew Up Here

___ New Resident (you moved here without having lived here before)

___ other: ______________________

___ other: ______________________

___ other: ______________________

* Do you identified as a returned resident? The Habitorium would like to know more. What are your habits of return? Please reach out through the Contact link at Thank you.

Describe one possession that best illustrates your relationship to Johnstown, and how? Please draw the object.

How at home do you feel when in Johnstown?

1 2 3 4 5

Completely At Home Not At Home

List three places you frequent in Johnstown and why you go there.




What is your favorite season in Johnstown and what habits do you associate with it?

What three foods do you enjoy most at the Ethnic Festival?

Provide your name and postal mailing address to receive a response from The Habitorium. Thank you for participating.

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