Habits Falter

Exhibition Proposal: Habits Falter October, 2017

Habits Falter is a group show that seeks to provoke the creative energy of habitual interference. The exhibition draws from the labor of six artists. Together, the artworks suggest the infinite possibilities alive to disrupting habitual behavior. Habits Falter will be successful when, upon leaving the show, people do one habit differently.

Habits Falter is a contention. It holds that when a habit is caused to stumble it changes and can be refined, repaired, or retired. When a habit falters, a gesture misses a beat, or an attitude shifts direction, everything becomes skewed from within the task or fortune. The art of the show proposes benefits of recognizing habit, suggests how to change them, and offers examples of intentional faltering.

Habits are frequently automatic and often measured toward a goal. Mountains of prescriptive literature offer advice on how to keep, build, optimize or otherwise improve the use-value of particular habits. Habits Falter seeks to strip the hierarchies assigned to habits to promote unexpected outcomes.

When Habits Falter they effect the energetics of social engagement, matters of the heart, family affairs, and other sites ad infinitum. The show portends that conduits of effort entailed for each habit can be re-routed to unpredictable result. Works in Habits Falter move toward that flux. In matters of attitude or disposition, the slippages result in a wide range of difference on continuums of manner, feeling, emotion and spirit. Habits Falter seeks to elicit these shifts.

Habits Falter proceeds from a blind faith in the behabitive, a linguistic form expressing reactions, fortunes, attitudes and imminent conduct. Behabitives imbue habitual behavior with a doing-ness that is beyond the verbs of the gesture or set of gestures assembled for the action. Putting our socks on, one at a time is a habit we might all share (if we have two feet and socks to put on them). Its what you do, between putting on each sock that can make a world of difference.

Habits are scalable so their aesthetics get funky when they falter. It can be a gaudy affair. Slow down a behavior and it provides a multitude of opportunities for new actions to emerge. Perhaps they are not brand new gestures, they might neither be easily recognizable (at first), but the smallest change puts things out of order. The actions don't flow as well as they had, or proportions of feeling seem off when an attitude changes.

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