Art of Science Show

Paintings from The Habitorium are arriving to First Studio over the course of the next two months. They are on display as part of The Art of Science, a group show curated by Kris Kollasch. The paintings are a meditation on the nature of habit. Drawn from found photographs and coupled with stories of habits cobbled together.

The paintings are mailed along with a wish to interrupt the habits of USPS workers; they require hand cancelling. Several postal workers have remarked on the paintings, in word and deed. One mail carrier

proclaimed that "the post office is a dirty place" as he walked off with outgoing paintings.

Another slipped the mail into a plastic envelop that advocates for the proper preparation of future letters entering the 'mailstream'.

The paintings are on a coffeetable in the upstairs reception area. Next to the small pile of mail is the Survey of Gallery Going Habits. The instrument will serve as the beginning of conversations with people this third Friday. My hope is to gather responses and be inspired by habits to make a small series of paintings.

Please come see the work by so many interesting artists: Bob Allen, Susanna Beatty, Tania Bolin, Nikka Brooks-Cullum, Manny Burruel, Ariana Enriquez, Bela Fidel, Luke Flowers, Dain Q. Gore, David A. Higgins, Val Hunt, Kristine Kollasch, Suzette Lafkin, Marcia Losh, Nicolette Maguire Bonnstetter, Alisia Malta, Christina Martin, Kris Michael, Susan Norton-Scott, Jo Novelli-Blasko, Ann Osgood, Sarah Richards, Sunny Sabin, Keith & Wendy Spooner, Quick Yeates.

Closing Reception: September 15th, 6-9 pm - Closing Reception

Art remains up thru September 29th. If you can't make it to Third Friday, stop by anytime weekdays from 9-5, use the call-box. Buzz Kris Kollasch, curator, to get in.

First Studio is located at 631 N. 1st Avenue, Phx, 85003. Free, air-conditioned, and open to the public. While you are there, don't miss the terrific, vintage studio lighting.

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