Survey of Gallery Going Habits

Prepared for The Art of Science Exhibition Ÿ 08.04 − 09.15.2017 Ÿ First Studio, 631 N. 1st Ave, Phoenix AZ 85003

Please rank the following statements according to the Gallery Going Scale of Agreeability: 1 completely disagree Ÿ 2 disagree, a little bit Ÿ 3 vacillate Ÿ 4 agree, a little bit Ÿ 5 completely agree

_____ I am likely to go to a gallery while I am traveling.

_____ I am likely to go to a gallery, where I currently live.

_____ I am likely to go to a gallery when I am in my hometown.

_____ I enjoy visiting galleries during 'openings' and 'closings'.

_____ I prefer to visit galleries during off hours.

_____ I believe gallery going is a good habit to have.

_____ I often wish to purchase work from a gallery.

_____ I prefer the company of friends when I go to a gallery.

_____ I enjoy conducting research in a gallery.

_____ I would like to own a gallery.

Make one observation about a gallery you recently visited. How did you choose this particular story to tell?

How are you in the habit of feeling when you visit a gallery? Please consider the condition of your body and state of imagination.

Have you ever traveled to a distant city specifically to go to a gallery? If you have, please describe what happened. If not, would you, where and why (or why not)?

What do you do when you go to a gallery? Consider where you begin and end, who you see, what you do.

Identify three sartorial habits you associate with going to a gallery. Consider what you prefer to wear, why and how.




Provide your name and postal mailing address to receive a response from The Habitorium. Thank you for participating.

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