Joyful Habits Field Report

RJW's sock drawer

Three Joyful Habits received on June 28, 2017 Reported by R.J.W.

1. I watch Strawberry Shortcake Get Well Adventure whenever I'm home sick from school or work. I've done this since I was little and use to get strep throat a lot. I related because the character who gets injured had to postpone going on a fun trip (which to me equated to school) and learn to be grateful to those caring for her before she recovered and could continue her plans. My mom would put the dvd on for me in my room and I'd eat sherbet. I don't get sick often anymore but when I do I feel like I can't get better until I've watched it.

2. Most days I wake up early to let my puppy, Ginny, in my room in the morning so she can rest in bed with me until I finish sleeping and get up for good. I have to keep my door closed through the night because of my allergy to the animals but when she comes to my door in the morning and asks to be let in I always drag myself out of bed to get her and then she'll lay on the other side of the bed or snuggle up to me depending on how warm it is. The downsides are that she makes me itchy and

3. I Travel with 1-3 crystals basically chosen at random in a pouch that goes around my neck, I usually wear them on travel days and then keep them safely in a bag throughout the trip because I don't want to lose them.

4. On important test days like finals, AP tests, and even college placement tests I took at home I also wear a pouch of crystals that are supposed to help with memory and intelligence and I wear tall matching bright fun socks, without shoes, so my feel look happy when I swing them, even when I'm stressing out.

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