Joyful Habits Field Report

I read before I go to sleep at night (I never read sitting up unless it’s the newspaper).

It has no effect on anyone that I know of.

One: I read current events from a weekly magazine that I would not otherwise read. I love lying in bed, holding the magazine, leafing through it, enjoying the pictures and, when I get a new issue, anticipating the contents. Two: It affords me an opportunity to read short fiction which I do not ordinarily read. This habit doesn’t affect anybody at this stage in my life unless, while travelling, a hotel room is shared and the light may disturb my companion.

Before I go to bed at night, I take a run through Facebook. One: I especially enjoy the posts of members of my immediate family who have a FB page. I love seeing them enjoying life, having fun. Two: I see many posts of my nieces and nephews, most of whom I have not seen in many years. It’s a pleasure to see their families growing up, and seeing the newborns. Sometimes Facebook is informative in regard to current events.. Those posts motivate me to look at the news sites and find out more. People who are affected my the FB habit see my thumbs up, or my heart, or perhaps a surprised smiley. Sometimes a conversation will develop over “messages.”

When I change clothes, or get ready for bed at night, I hang up my clothes. I will go to the closet and hang the article while I have it in my hands. One: It keeps the bedroom from being cluttered, so the environment there is pleasant. Two: It keeps the clothes from becoming wrinkled, so when I wear an article a second time, it’s ready to go, so to speak. People who might be effected by this habit are those who enter my bedroom and see a space free of clutter, but that is not a common occurrence. That is, others being in my bedroom.

I have not discussed these habits with anyone that I can recall. The three habits I listed bring me joy, or at least pleasantness and a feeling of relaxation, as in the bedtime reading. Try as I may, I cannot think of any habits that bring less joy than those listed. That does not mean I don’t have any, it’s possible I’m not conscious of any. This is an interesting and revealing exercise. I liked doing it and participated freely. It was joyful, in fact. For instance, I did not realize how much joy I get from watching my FB families. Two, I take the reading for granted. I really love crawling in bed with my New Yorker, or a soft-back book. Three, Hanging up the clothes isn’t a joy, but it isn’t exactly a chore. I do it because I benefit from the clutter-free environment. Perhaps this takes the place of not having discussed the habits with someone. ?

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