Joyful Habits Field Report

1. Kissing my children goodnight

This simple action is the most reflective and joyful habit of mine. The gesture of a kiss unto my 3 children each night is in itself physical, however, the effect it implies is of great emotional value. The kiss symbolizes my love and acceptance to my children while it serves myself in a much greater capacity. As I kiss each child, I am reminded of their innocence and beauty. It also gives me a moment to reflect upon my interaction and observation of that child for that day and generate an emotional response which I then use to make adjustments to myself in terms of the way I will "conduct business" with them in the future.

2. Morning coffee

The first cup, most often consumed on the patio in the cool, morning air is my calming, centering, day starter. It gives me a little bit of time to start the day with a clear mind, away from the chaos that can abound being a father and husband. This time is occasionally spent with my 3 year-old who will join me for a cup. Now if that isn’t joyful, I don’t know what is. If I am granted the sit-down cup, its effects on my mood are felt by many.

3. Music Listening to music is a joyful way to experience the day. Familiar music elicits memories and emotions that are often fond to think back on. These memories will frequently lead to discussions with friends based on the memory attached to it. I have also been focused on branching out into new music lately. The thrill of finding a new song or artist can be such a positive experience and a great way to spice up a ho-hum day.

4. Touching base with a friend or relative

Throughout each day I try to have a quick conversation with a friend or relative. This can happen by text, phone, message or face to face interaction. It is a good way to stay connected and renew a sense of belonging.

5. Be nice

I’m not sure this is so much a habit, as it is a way of life. I try to make sure I am nice to someone each day that might not expect it. Something as little as holding a door or saying hello to a complete stranger can mean a great deal. It takes a lot less energy to be nice, than it does to be mean. Love.

I’m not so sure the order of these habits is as important as it is to use them as a collective toward being a good and joyful person. If you need anything else, just hollar!

Greg Lindstrom

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