Joyful Habits Field Report

1. Identify three habits you have, list them according to how much joy they bring you – with the first providing the most, three the least.

1. What'sapping all day with my husband. We live much of our lives across the country so we spend our days sending love notes and funny pictures and videos. I love receiving them and sending them and this relationship brings me alive so this is how we invest in it. He can make me laugh like no other and is a constant reminder that miracles are alive and well in my world.

2. Immersing myself in a creative project and I mean total immersion. For example, a cooking project which involves trying new recipes and sharing food with others. I especially enjoy cooking for others and providing them a meal when they aren't expecting it. Another creative project could be a chalk paint project with a piece of furniture or a canvas painting or working on writing my book.

3. I really love planning for travel and leisure experiences. I think the planning stage is often as fun as the actual event. I invest a lot of my time researching and finding great deals for myself and others. It gives me a lot of pleasure!

2. For each of your three habits, describe two people, other than yourself, who are affected by your habit and how. If you believe these habits do not involve other people in any way, describe two consequences (other than joy) they have for you.

1. My husband and my stepdaughter who I also Facetime with whenever they are together.

2. Much of my immersion is in creativity solitary (which is how I like it) but I share the results with whoever I'm cooking for or making something for!

3. Again, my family (my husband, brother, Dad) benefit and the consequence is I often feel very smart and accomplished when I uncover a really good deal.

3. Discuss one of your habits with a friend and tell them how it brings you joy. Describe your conversation. How did they respond? Where did this revelation lead your encounter?

I just shared last night with my friend about how I planned an outing with my husband/daughter and a girlfriend, her family and kids. I'm late in life to having kids with a 4 year old stepdaughter at age 55 showing up so this kind of "family time" is new and exciting to me! I shared with him about how fun it was to plan this for all 8 of us and how the vendor unexpectedly gave us a huge discount! I felt smart and lucky!

4. Consider the second and third habits you listed above, the ones that bring you less joy. How can you alter your habits to move them up or off your list?

I really like all of my habits on my list and rotate them throughout my life. Or live them simultaneously!

5. Reveal something about a fourth and fifth joyful habit, ones you’ve remembered since beginning this exercise. Where would you put each on your list and why?

It's more esoteric but it's woven in to the fabric of my life. I fuel my joy by constantly looking for serendipity and magical stepping stones that show up throughout my life. I feel like I'm not alone or outside of the world of magic and divine choreography when I see these signs show up. I would say this habit is like an umbrella that rains down on all of the other ones. This habit feeds me when I am down or forget that my life has great purpose and meaning. It also acts as a guide but more than anything fills me with such JOY when I can see one of these signs from beyond that I'm on the right track

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