Survey of Joy

Please complete this small exercise inquiring about how we experience joy.

Send your finding to Include your mailing address, and I will send you a small watercolor painting, in gratitude.


Form J325

The Habitorium wishes to understand how joyful habits work.

If you’d like to issue a Field Report, please send your response to

1. Identify three habits you have, list them according to how much joy they bring you – with the first providing the most, three the least.

2. For each of your three habits, describe two people, other than yourself, who are affected by your habit and how. If you believe these habits do not involve other people in any way, describe two consequences (other than joy) they have for you.

3. Discuss one of your habits with a friend and tell them how it brings you joy. Describe your conversation. How did they respond? Where did this revelation lead your encounter?

4. Consider the second and third habits you listed above, the ones that bring you less joy. How can you alter your habits to move them up or off your list?

5. Reveal something about a fourth and fifth joyful habit, ones you’ve remembered since beginning this exercise. Where would you put each on your list and why?

Thank you.

Holly comes with many habits.

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