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Joyful Habits Field Report


I continued to nag a friend's 12-year-old about what his 3 most joyful habits were throughout dinner! He was so cute: he tried to name drinking water and eating as #2 and #3. But mandolin playing was #1. He's a little prodigy! He taught himself how to play the mandolin in less than three months by himself (and trust me, he's jaw-dropping good) by watching YouTube tutorials. Now, he tells me he has his own YouTube channel... I had fantasies of him playing in that beautiful, intimate restaurant for the guests (swoon) --

Meanwhile, the roommate's field report includes: crossword puzzles from the NYT (because he likes solving problems); and using one of those old-fashioned double blade razors to shave in the shower (because he says your result of success or failure with the practice is rather, ahem, dramatic). His 3rd item was a joke to make fun of me for pestering him about the report: he says he likes to see me stalk around the condo in my hot pants.

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