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I just realized a habit!!! I remember what people wear better than their faces or names. If I work with people in offices or somewhere that offers repetition with the same folks, I get very good at figuring out what they will wear (colors, particular outfits) and sometimes I even have dreams with them in the outfit the night before I see them. *(i can't tell them that I "knew" what they were going to wear because I saw it in a dream though. THAT can get me into trouble)

Car license plate habit:

First, I add up the numbers up to a single digit from what exists on the plate. If they add up to a double-digit, I add those numbers to arrive at a single number (example, plate XZW789 à 7+8+9= 24; 2+4= 6 )

I look for patterns in the numbers each day. If many of the plates I encounter tend to add up to some of the same numbers, I liken that to be a lucky number for the day. I often look up the numerology or tarot number later.

Next, I look at the letters on the plate and make up codes or stories for their abbreviations: SHL 027 “Sam Helps Lesley” (and 27 is a lucky birthday number, as is the tarot number 9 when 2+7 are added together)

Personalized plates are especially fun for coded synchronicity play. For example, today I saw a plate that said INFUSED. I looked at how things were infused throughout my day from that moment forward (infused thoughts, infused colors in the sky, infused flavors in a drink, infused ways of viewing the world and understanding each other…)

Hair in the shower habit:

I don’t want the curly hair to go down the drain and clog the shower up when I wash my hair. Soooo… I try to collect it all in my hand as I shampoo & condition, then smack it against the tile wall while I finish my shower. Lately, the crazy squiggly hair lines and patterns become as entertaining to me as looking for shapes in clouds. I examine the temporary wall of tendrils for little line drawings.

At the end of the shower, I ball the collection up from the tile wall to throw them away. I realize that hair often gives most people the creeps in this form but I find myself wishing I had saved it all somehow, like a big Petah Coyne hair sculpture, or a rubber band ball.

*Side note: I am somewhat worried about sharing a shower with a lover again someday because I doubt this hair-slapped-all-over-the-shower-wall-game will be amusing to someone else.

  • Waiting for clocks to strike 11:11, 4:44 (etc) to make wishes

  • Looking for heart-shaped rocks, clouds, food, graffiti…

Also on this same trajectory, taking the wrapper from my straw at restaurants, curling both ends into spirals and then bending the whole thing to look like a heart

  • Searching for birds and their spirit totem meanings on hikes, jogs and drives; I am especially keen to scan for hawks or ravens during long road trips. They usually signify/ensure safe travels if I spot them taking flight along the car’s path or journey

Ordinary habits

  • A serial habit of saying “sorry” too much (I switch to another form ‘apologies,’ or ‘please forgive me,’ or to another language when someone points out the habit ~ “mi dispiace” )

  • Pushing the onions aside out of food on my plate

  • Nail biting / oral fixation (unless I have the nail techs put the hard gel polish on my fingers to keep this habit at bay)

  • Tugging on curls while listening, talking and driving

  • Making clicking noises when interacting with pets

  • Routinely treating habits like an AA drop-out by falling off the habit wagon as some sort of not-so-clever-way to “rebel” against “good habits” or good social norms (meditating regularly then purposely ignoring the practice; exercising dutifully then mindfully becoming lazy; eating well then delving into cake and hamburgers; setting my alarm and then willfully refusing to adhere to alarms and time)

  • Procrastinating – this fear-based “habit” has become a habit, unfortunately

A habit I wish I could walk away from:

Always looking for my (deceased) cat to be waiting by the front door when I turn the key or searching in vain for his black periscope tail at the bedside


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