jet and bella

i passed along the habitorium website to someone i met on line at the walmart money exchange center, this morning. she had her cat with her, the cats name is bella. we talked, while i was waiting to send money to mexico. she goes by jet and was in line to get a money order for her pet deposit at the san carlos; she just moved there. her cat was once feral, but she's docile now, if she's in the crate.

jet was saying the move to the san carlos was the most difficult one she's ever made. she said they were going to temporarily displace her from her one-bedroom apartment, in order to conduct canine searches and plumbing updates to the building. establishing life's habits is difficult when you are moving, i thought outloud. yes, its impossible - she agreed. 'but i love my place..." she described the apartment which is on the 8th floor of the tower and its a corner unit, so she has this amazing view. i imagine the view is south and east, since she said the market was just outside one of her windows.

i gave jet and bella this web site address, my email address and phone number. i hope she reaches out to me, i would love to interview her for the habitorium.

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