Gabriel's Food Chain delivers fresh, flavorful and nutritious foods directly from the farm. We work with a network of more than 40 farms in and around Lancaster, PA. Our farmers produce animals treated humanely and raised without hormones and antibiotics. They grow non-GMO vegetables in rich fields tended by hand and horse.

Jo Novelli-Blasko is partnering with GE Washington to bring clean food to Johnstown. After return to her hometown after years away, she found a lack of healthy food options. Whole Foods is too far away. CSA orders are too bountiful for her single-person household. She isn't skilled enough to grow her own food, so she needed a simpler solution. The grocery stores in town are notoriously expensive. While they offer some clean food, it is often over priced and the food chain opaque. 

The butchers in Gabriel's Food Chain humanely process the animals necessary to meet our sales. Identify the cut  and quantity you want to order, and we deliver within a week. No order is too small and large orders are very welcome. Our network includes FDA certified shops when necessary.

Refer a new customer and when they purchase $150, you get a $25 credit. 


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