Please complete the Survey of Bookish Habits!

Are Bookish Habits transferrable, or are they are only useful in the world of books and bookishness? What can we learn about other habits, based on those associated with the bookish ones? 

This survey asks you to focus on how “bookishness” shows up in your gestures and intentions. Please be forthcoming about how you read, store, share and think about books. There are no right answers, and I’m interested in as much detail as you can provide. The Survey of Bookish Habits results will be presented at Iamb Gallery on April 14, 2020. Deadline to have your replies included is April 1, 2020. 

If you live in Pittsburgh, please drop in and complete the survey. If you live outside of Pittsburgh, download the PDF, print out a copy, and drop your reply in the USPS to: 

The Habitorium

c/o City Books

908 Galveston Ave.

Pittsburgh, PA 15233

Thank you for taking a few minutes to contribute to The Habitorium’s research. If you include your street address at the bottom of the survey The Habitorium will send you a report of the results.

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